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Employment law

Emrah Erken is an employment law specialist with more than twenty years’ experience advising corporations, large companies, SMEs, NGOs, public authorities, state-owned companies and institutions as well as private individuals in his field of expertise and, where necessary, representing them before public authorities and in court. He works in German, English, French and Turkish.


Here is an overview of the services he provides in the area of employment law:

  • Advising management and HR departments on individual, public and collective employment law.
  • Conducting litigation before courts and authorities (both on the employer and employee side)
  • Drafting employment contracts for all functional levels (management, executives and employees)
  • Drafting of employment law regulations, support and advice on their implementation or intended amendment
  • Advice and support in the area of employment references (both on the employer and employee side)
  • Advising companies on business transfers and transformations
  • Audits of companies for compliance with employment law regulations and preparation of HR compliance reports
  • Advising companies in the area of staff leasing
  • Advising companies on the Posted Workers Act
  • Advising and assisting with internal company investigations
  • Training / lectures on employment law

    Emrah Erken is a powerful and tactically astute litigator with years of experience in handling civil litigation for private individuals and companies in Switzerland and abroad.

    The role of a litigator is not only to conduct lawsuits, but also to avoid litigation when it is in the interest of the client. It is therefore always worth seeking legal advice and developing a strategy as early as possible.

    Criminal Law

    Emrah Erken is an experienced and successful criminal defence lawyer and injured party representative.

    In the area of criminal law, the earliest possible involvement of a lawyer is of crucial importance. Therefore, you can contact Emrah Erken at any time, even at night or on weekends.

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